DYJ_Viewer Version 2.00


Program to display, save and print IMG, PCX, LBM, PIn ,PCn ,PS (with Ghostscript), PRT (HP-Deskjet print files),... Images. Besides that it can read a picture from a GDPS-scanner. It can print on HP-Deskjet 500 compatible printers, PS-Printers or by using GDOS.


Black and white pictures can be vectorised. The picture should have large Areas and no dirt. Single Pixels will be ignored, but other filters are (not jet) included -> you would have to 'clean' it using other software. Grayscale or color pictures can be converted into black&white.

state of the program

I havn't done anything on this program for quite some time, There is a rather large documentation included, but in German only. But if there is interest in this program I might be convinced to continue its development and even write that docu in English.