What is the program for?

It makes a movie from a map with a travel route. Just look at this. This example is in lower quality to reduce the download size.

How does it works?

Sorry, but the program is in German only, but since there is not too much to read it should be possible to use. Also I only use the other mentioned programs in German, so the names of menus or properties might differ from what I write. The program was written for personal use -> where ever possible I use other programs which are freely available. With the program comes an example. The filenames consists of a consecutive number and a name which explains the state. The steps are:

  1. uncut image. Get a map from somewhere, for example from OSM where the maps are freely available
  2. cut the image to the size of the movie you want. For example 720*576 for PAL or 1920*1080 for Full-HD. And add every thing else here except the route.
  3. map with route: To draw the route preferably use Graphics. Here draw the route using the curve-tool. I usually use it with the settings width :0.1cm, Colour: light red. You have to draw the route in the order in which you want it to appear in the movie. Do not add any thing else, it will be ignored anyhow.
  4. Export this map in the format eps using the following settings:
    • no preview
    • Level 2
    • Colour
    • no compression
  5. finely map_eps2avi is used. Load the eps-file from point 4 <Ctrl-O> you will see the map with no route. Now you can change some setting <CTRL-E> (I add the German names in parentheses):
    • lead (Vorspann): The time (in s) the empty map will be shown at the beginning (default 2s)
    • main part (Hauptteil) The time it takes to draw the map (default 20s)
    • trailer (Nachspann): The Time the map with the full route will be shown at the end (default 2s)
    • Frames/s: normally 25 for PAL or 30 for NTSC

    Now save the AVI. <CTRL-S>. You will be asked which compression method should be used. I usually use “Microsoft Video 1” This setting determines size and quality of the result. Now it looks like nothing happens, but in the background the avi is written. When this is finished, the route will appear and you might finish the program.

Legal matters

The program is under the GPL V3 The copyright is from

Dimitri Junker

go to the Imprint on my Homepage


To download the program and it’s source code go to my software page