Dir_Lwr for Égale

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State of development



For Programmers

Dir_Lwr makes it possible to convert the returned strings of Dreaddir and Dxreaddier to lower case. This is for exampe usefull for  Égale by David Reitter. The problem with Égale is, that if you compare whole directories, it does not recognises files as having the same name if for exampe one is written in lower case, the other in uper case. Since the source code is not available David authorized me to patch čgale.


State of development

The best way would be to patch Égale so, that a new stand alone program is created. But this will be a bit mor complicated. So for now I chose to do only a little patching and put most in a separate program whitch changes some Gemdos functions. In order to bend the OS routines I use Trapper.


Dir_Lwr.prg should be placed either in the Auto-Folder, Start-Folder or be called by the Autoexec.bat, but it can also be started as a normal programm. But regardless of how it is started, Traper has to be active already! After that you can use the patched Version of Égale as usual. If you already use Égale 4.1, you can just exchange egale.prg, the rest is unchanged.

If you are using my win_lnk version 1.15 or newer, you don´t need dir_lwr, so just use the pached Égale.

Since version 4.1 Égale is Freeware, you can use the following information to register it

Name: Freeware
Street: Freeware
Town: Freeware
Country: Earth


If you restart Dir_Lwr when it is already active, you can deinstall it. This is only true, if both instances of Dir_Lwr have the same version number. But if for example a dir_lwr 1.01 is running and you start a 1.02, than 1.01 is replaced by 1.02. But this is manly interesting for me.

For programmers

changed functions

The Gemdos-function numbers are given in parentheses. The functions are listed In groups.

Dxopendir(1296) Dclosedir(299)

Dxopendir is my changed version of Dopendir. It calls the normal version first. But than it save the returned handle and the flag in a list. So later Dreaddir or Dxreaddir can recognize, that they should change the returned name to lower case. Dclosedir erases the Hanfdle from the list.

Dreaddir(297) and Dxreaddir (322)

If the handle is in the list created by Dxopendir the returned name is converted to lower case.

Patch other programs

If you have similar problems with other programs, you just have to search for

    move.w  #$128,-(SP)
    TRAP #$1

as a HEX-DUMP this would be: $3f3c01284e41. There you have to change the 0128 into 0510. That´s all. In Égale I also patched the version number (4.1 -> 4.2)